There a lot of reasons to buy your sweetie a teddy bear or stuffed animal instead of flowers or candy. Here are just a few reasons.
1. A soft, huggable bear tells her that you love her every time she looks at it.
2. Some teddy bears come with a sound module so you can record a message in your own voice. Some companies let you add a note that says "I Love You", "I am sorry", or just about anything else you want teddy to tell her.
3. Send her a huggable bear at work and it will sit on her desk, telling her and anyone that sees him, that you love her.
4. Teddy bears are forever. They don't wilt like flowers or get eaten like candy. The flowers and the candy will be long forgotten, but a bear will still be there reminding her of you.
5. Plush bears are cuddly companions that will help her remember you when you are not there. She can hug a bear anytime she wants as a reminder of your love.
6. Plush bears are cheaper than marriage counselors.
7. You can get a soft, cuddly bear to match any occasion. A giant bear for a very special occasion or something a little smaller just to say "I Love You".
9. Teddy bears are a girl's best friend. OK, this isn't official, but compared to the cost of a diamond, we don't think there is much argument that a plush bear is a better deal.

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